Marriage Care adopts mobile donations across counselling centres

Melanie May | 12 May 2020 | News

Relationship counselling service charity Marriage Care is rolling out mobile payment service MobiCash to all of its centres providing counselling across England and Wales.
Marriage Care will be using MobiCash to collect donations for counselling, primarily using QR codes. Once registered, users can make mobile donations by scanning QR codes on Marriage Care’s printed materials, shared digitally or from within the MobiCash app itself. The system also collects Gift Aid.
Helen Jeffries, Head of Finance for Marriage Care said:

“After an initial pilot to assess the impact of the new technology on a small charity like ours, we are pleased to report that implementing it was relatively straight forward and it greatly simplified processing Gift Aid.”

The service has been developed by Compass Plus, an international provider of payments technology, and has been fully integrated with RSM 2000, a UK payment service provider for SMEs and the charity sector.

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