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Fundraising Tune of the Day – for fundraisers under coronavirus lockdown

Fundraising Tune of the Day – for fundraisers under coronavirus lockdown

Fundraising Tune of the Day is one way I’ve responded to the coronavirus lockdown. I’ve combined my pleasure in playing the piano with sharing some fundraising advice.

It has become clear that the arts are helping many of us get through lockdown. Netflix, books, music, sketching and colouring in, YouTube broadcasts of theatre shows, concerts and operas, home recordings by amateur musicians and choirs, podcasts, poetry readings and more.

As well as a fundraiser I’m a pianist. I’ve played for many years, for my own pleasure: it sustains me in good times and bad. In fact, there’s a piano next to the UK Fundraising desk and PC. 

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A few fundraisers will have heard me playing the piano at various fundraising conferences, usually very late in the evening. They tend to be in or near the bar. But otherwise I’m confident few fundraisers will know about this aspect of my personal life.

Personal and professional

So, with my physical horizons limited, I decided to take the leap of combining and sharing my personal and professional lives. So I am now posting videos of my piano playing, in the hope that it gives some fundraisers some pleasure. And by adding a related fundraising tip I am carrying on with my day job of sharing fundraising resources and advice. 

I’m grateful for the positive response from fundraisers around the world. I’ve had requests and my first guest contributor, with more lined up.

So, I’ll continue.

Here are some of the episodes of Fundraising Tune of the Day:





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