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Five tweets for fundraisers amid coronavirus lockdown

Five tweets for fundraisers amid coronavirus lockdown

is packed with advice and support for fundraisers at any time, but especially so now during the coronavirus lockdown.

We’ve been spoilt for choice for our occasional round-up of five tweets plucked from the stream of useful fundraising content and ideas.


1. Simple is good

Sometimes the familiar daily routine can be calming for all of us, even if it is someone else’s routine. If you run a farm and need to let the out of the barn every morning then this could be your time to shine and share.

Caenhill Countryside Centre has been sharing its rush hour on social channels since before the coronavirus lockdown, with its familiar characters such as Cuthbert the Goose, but its popularity continues to grow while our own metaphorical barn doors remain shut.


2. We’ve been here before

We’ve covered lessons for fundraisers today from past financial crises and disasters, but here’s another example of a charity choosing to reimagine rather than cancel physical due to the declaration of war in 1939. No chance of virtual alternatives in those days, but that didn’t stop  The Children’s Society.



3. Supporting each other

Charities are looking to their supporters at this time, but supporters and the public are certainly looking to their favourite charities too. For information, services and simple encouragement that they are doing all they can to continue their work.

Many charities have spent the past 40 days of lockdown talking (picking up the phone) to some of their supporters, not necessarily asking for support, but letting them know what the charity is doing in the circumstances, and listening to their ideas and concerns.

There’s a good chance that this approach will be remembered and appreciated.


4. Public is ‘sceptical but supportive’ of charities

Dr Beth Breeze and Professor John Mohan’s latest confirms that the public as a whole does not understand the charity sector yet it continues to support it by giving. And this is not a new phenomenon – they track it back to the 1940s at least.


5. Carry on fundraising

Not the never-made film in the British comedy series, but simple advice, if you needed it.




Main image: B is for bird bones PC by CaZaTo Ma on .com



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