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Coronavirus funding and funders’ actions

Howard Lake | 17 March 2020 | News

How should funders respond as COVID-19 begins to take its toll on those organisations and projects that they support?
Here is UK Fundraising’s summary of resources, reactions, ideas and responses by funders. We also list some new or amended funds established to help tackle the novel coronavirus and its impacts.

Discussion on #Covid19Foundations

Funders are discussing and sharing issues related to their work and the coronavirus using the #Covid19Foundations hashtag.
These include:


What are funders doing?

Many funders are sharing details of new or different approaches to their grantees.

Funders in many countries are announcing that they are extending grants, or relaxing reporting requirements or making other adjustments to help those they support.


Many are simply reassuring grant recipients:



There is plenty of collaboration and partnership underway amongst funders, often based on long-established networking and collaboration systems and meetings.



There is also a great deal of collaboration going on between funders and sector bodies to ensure that the government recognises the value of the sector and its contribution to dealing with a health and economic crisis during and beyond the impact of COVID-19:


Grants related to coronavirus

Funds have already been established to help those affected by COVID-19. These include:

Because of the volume of funds and grants established in response to the pandemic we have now created a separate page listing them.