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Museum of Human Kindness tells stories of random acts of kindness

Museum of Human Kindness tells stories of random acts of kindness

Norwich is hosting the first Museum of Human Kindness, a pop-up exhibition of stories ‘donated by the public’, created by a group of local artists who are trying to start new conversations on empathy.

The Museum is based on the question “what is the kindest thing a stranger has done for you?”. This was posed online by Norwich-based artist and designer Kazz Morohashi and her husband Ralph Paprzycki. 

The result, says Morohashi, is “a fun and interactive way for people to relate to the emotional world of others and celebrate empathy and connection”.


Kazz Morohashi at Museum of Human Kindness

Kazz Morohashi at the Museum of Human Kindness


12 stories of kindness

The couple then selected a group of twelve visual artists to respond to some of the stories collected so far and make new pieces inspired by them. The result is a mix of 2D and 3D artworks in different styles ranging from natural dye paintings, see-through textile embroidery, and a giant gold-leafed tooth to graffiti.
The Museum is based at Anteros Arts Foundation Gallery in Norwich from 12-23 of November 2019.

Visitors will be able to read the original stories as well as engage with the artworks. The Museum of Human Kindness‘ founders are aware of research that suggests kindness is contagious, so hope, visitors will “come away feeling inspired to notice and spread kindness in their everyday lives”.



Celebrating kindness through stories and art

Two hands, by Sofia Salazar at the Museum of Human Kindness

Two hands touching – a design by Sofia Salazar at the Museum of Human Kindness


Everyone can get involved with the Museum of Human Kindness by donating their kindness story.

It would seem particularly relevant to many charities, volunteer and faith groups. Indeed, the British Red Cross has been using ‘the power of kindness‘ as its core theme for fundraising and other campaigns for several years.

Free workshops

There are several free workshops taking place while the Museum is open:

• 16 Nov: Artists in conversation (2-3:30)

• 23 Nov: Get your kindness story illustrated (10-1pm, 2-4pm)
Painting with natural dye (10-1pm)
Blindness poster drawing (3-4pm)



A telephone exhibit at the Museum of Human Kindness

Sharing your stories of kindness at the Museum of Human Kindness


Exhibition hall at the Museum of Human Kindness

Exhibition room at the Museum of Human Kindness


WATCH; The Museum of Human Kindness’ crowdfunding campaign video

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