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Charity offers micro grants for young people’s mental health projects

Melanie May | 19 August 2019 | News

London Youth is offering micro grants of up to £400 to young people to help them create projects that promote or raise awareness of positive mental health and wellbeing in their community.
Team London at the Greater London Authority is funding the micro grants. It has partnered with London Youth to award 48 grants between May 2019-May 2020, released in four rounds.
The first round started in June with applications now invited for the second round, which has a deadline of 30 September.
London Youth is offering training for youth workers and young people at the beginning of each round to help with the application process.
Successful applicants will receive up to £400 on a B4B money card, which they can use for the duration of their project. Where a youth worker is supporting the young person with their project, the organisation will receive £200 once the project is completed and all final evaluation returned. Projects are expected to take between two to six months to deliver in total.
London Youth is offering a range of support to applicants and their youth workers, including:

Unsuccessful applicants will also be given support and feedback to re-apply in a future round.
Further information on how to apply can be found on the London Youth site.



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