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Nochex offers low transaction processing rates for charities

Howard Lake | 9 May 2019 | News

Online payments company Nochex has introduced CharityChex, a donation handling service designed particularly for smaller charities.

The company, which already provides payment services to small and medium sized enterprises throughout the UK and Europe, claims that it offers “one of the lowest transaction rates” available to charities.

Donations are handled on a page created for them by Nochex. There is no charge for creating the page. Charities can integrate payment buttons on their own website or Nochex’s integration team can do this for them.


An introduction to AI for charity professionals by Ross Angus

CharityChex’s regular transaction charge is 1.4% + 10p, which it contrasts with other providers who charge more.
CharityChex will claim Gift Aid on behalf of charities “and not keep any for itself”.

It states that a £50 donation with £12.50 Gift Aid on top would cost a charity just 98p, meaning that the charity would receive £61.52.

Price comparisons by CharityChex
Transaction price comparisons for CharityChex by Nochex

BT MyDonate’s closure

Nochex has been recruiting smaller charities that previously used BT’s MyDonate service, which closes in June. These include All Saints Church (Winterton), Ambassadors Football Ireland, Batley Homeless Project, the Centre for Adults’ Social Care – Advice, Information and Dispute Resolution (CASCAIDr), Friends of Attend ABI (fAABI), Giving Sadaqa, and Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds.

Kerry Prest, Director at Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds, was looking for a replacement to BT MyDonate. “We were really very pleased when we learned that a company just down the road from our new home could help us”, he said. “Nochex has taken care of almost everything for us and we are very grateful for their help.”

In addition to online payments, Nochex also provides the facility for its merchant customers to accept payments over the phone, via email and recurring payments, membership and payment solutions for clubs and other groups, as well as point of sale.

Free transaction processing offer

Nochex is offering free transaction processing to charities until 31st July 2019.

Commercial Director Andrew Baiden explains why Nochex has taken the approach of not charging charities for three months. He said: “We have had a great take-up among the charities we approached, but there are just so many smaller charities that we want to reach out to that offering a free service seemed like a great way to get our message across.”