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Five tweets for fundraisers on 25 February 2019

Howard Lake | 25 February 2019 | News

So many tweets about fundraising, so many good ones to choose from, but as always we narrow them down to a manageable five at a time. So here is the latest serving of five tweets.

1. Known unknowns

A new book from Tom Ahern is always good news from fundraisers. If only you’d known… you’d have raised so much more offers “airtight answers to 40 questions essential to your fundraising success”


2. Siegfried Voegele

From the latest book to one from the past.
Siegfried Voegele? No, nor me! Chris Keating is performing a service for all fundraisers by resurrecting and summarising his valuable thoughts on direct mail.


3. Emoji for half the world’s population. Period.

Emojis cover lots of different emotions, occasions, experiences and thoughts. But without the activities of Plan UK and other campaign groups, there would still be no emoji to convey menstruation.


4. Function over form

A reminder from RNIB that fancy fonts in your Twitter name can make your messages hard to understand if you use assistive technologies.

5. Bold Barnardo’s

It is always time for bold ideas to try to change things for the better. This initiative from Barnardo’s stands out as particularly bold and ambitious. It’s not fundraising related as far as I can see, but an impressive collaboration of talented individuals and organisations.