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WWF uses emoji in endangered species fundraising appeal

Howard Lake | 5 June 2015 | News

Can you use emoji to fundraise? It’s certainly the fastest growing ‘language’ in the UK at present according to Professor Vyv Evans at Bangor University.
WWF is making the most of their popularity, having identified that 17 of the animals depicted in the standard emoji alphabet are endangered. Its #EndangeredEmoji campaign combines public education about the threat faced by the real counterparts of the Sumatran tiger, spider monkey, bluefin tuna, and Galapagos penguin, with an opportunity to donate to support conservation efforts.

Tweet an emoji to give

Emoji are particular popular now that Twitter lets users include them in tweets.
WWF is encouraging the public to donate 10p or 10c each time they use one of the emojis in a tweet. To make it easy, WWF tracks the use of these endangered emojis, totals them up for each participant, and sends them a total suggested donation at the end of each month.

WWF is making it easy to take part in another way, having pinned their Endangered Emoji tweet to the top of its Twitter feed. Supporters simply need to visit this feed, spot the prominent tweet, and then retweet it to join in.

Graphics licensed from Twitter under CC-BY 4.0