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Five fundraising tweets for 17 June 2016

Five fundraising tweets for 17 June 2016

Here are five recent tweets about fundraising, for fundraisers, or simply that we think fundraisers might like.


1. One person but the bigger picture

Medecins Sans Frontieres published a simple but powerful image that summed up the life and too often death risks that people are taking to cross to Europe, and that MSF is helping to alleviate.

It’s not a fundraising ask, but by featuring one person (not even his face), it tells the story of so many painfully well.


2. Charities that are flying high

POP, the first ‘people over profit’ airline, has announced the first charities that it will support.


3. D.S. al signo – too many repeats?


4. Ye shall know them by their fruit emojis

Emojis can be useful shorthand expressions, but on their use will soon enable brands (and charities presumably) to target users.

Just used a hamburger ? Expect a tweet from the highest paying burger brand. Used a fruit? Expect a fruit and veg home delivery company to be in touch.

But which emojis will be relevant to fundraisers or charities?


5. Cementaid – solid foundations for a charity?

NCVO’s Karl Wilding raised some smiles with this pic.


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