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Up to £30,000 on offer to help aspiring individuals achieve ambitions

Melanie May | 31 January 2019 | News

Applications have opened for the 2019 Everest Lewis Golden Foundation, which offers grants to help people fulfil an extraordinary talent or personal challenge.
Launched in early 2018, the foundation is named after the founder of double glazing company Everest, Lewis Golden, who passed away towards the end of 2017. This year it will be offering up to £30,000 this year to help aspiring individuals or groups achieve their ambitions. There will be two separate entry periods this year – Spring / Summer, and Autumn / Winter, and the next deadline for applications is 30 June.
Everest received numerous applications for the Spring 2018 round of the Foundation. The inaugural beneficiaries of the Everest Lewis Golden Foundation were four students from the University of Oxford who had a shortfall in funding of £2,800 for an expedition to South Greenland.
The foundation also donated £5,000 to a young musician to go towards a second-hand Heckel bassoon, which can cost over £30,000 due to demand, with a 12 year waiting list for a new one.
Everest has a history of supporting inspirational people to help them achieve their goals. In addition to the foundation, it has previously sponsored war veteran and mountain climber Les Binns, Medway Women’s Rugby Football Club, and eight-year-old Aston MacAndrew-Uren who is following his father, grandfather and great grandfather into motor racing.



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