Fundraising technology provider iRaiser expands to the UK

Melanie May | 8 January 2019 | News

Fundraising software company iRaiser has expanded to the UK.
iRaiser supports non-profit organisations in developing and delivering engagement campaigns for fundraising initiatives and works with 450 organisations including WWF, Médecins sans Frontières, and Unicef.
It has already partnered with The Salvation Army and Shelter in the UK. Working with iRaiser, The Salvation Army saw online donations for its Christmas fundraising campaign increase by 20%. iRaiser has also supported Shelter in a variety of fundraising campaigns.
Alex Wood, Head of Individual Giving at The Salvation Army, said:

“The Salvation Army started working with iRaiser just as we launched our big Christmas fundraising campaign. By the end of the campaign our online donation income had increased by 20% year on year.
“Amongst other factors, we believe the rise in online donations was thanks to the improved layout of the donation form, designed in collaboration with iRaiser. It is also thanks to the mobile friendly form. The experience of using the online donation form on a mobile is vastly superior to our previous donation platform and our online income has increased as a result. With more and more people using mobiles to complete online transactions, it’s vital that we offer a donation experience which matches people’s expectations of giving online, and iRaiser’s solution helps us to achieve that.”

iRaiser’s white label solution is fully customisable and includes online donation, peer-to-peer, event fundraising, crowdfunding, advocacy, marketing automation and CRM. It uses algorithms to improve the conversion rate and average donations made.
It says it does not take a percentage of donations or anything from Gift Aid, and also automates a substantial portion of an organisations fundraising activity, enables more resources to be dedicated to front line charitable initiatives. iRaiser charges a fixed fee per month instead of a percentage.
iRaiser’s solution also incorporates payments systems which cover 12 languages (including Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese) and 50 currencies, enabling organisations to launch global campaigns. It was founded in France in 2012 and has offices in the Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, France, Belgium and the UK.
Antoine Martel, CEO of iRaiser Group, said:

“Expanding to the UK is a very important step in iRaiser’s journey. Although the UK is the most charitable country in Europe in terms of funds raised, there are not many one-stop solutions for fundraising organisations. Those that are available tend to take a percentage on donations.”


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