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Facebook launches new Facebook Fundraisers features

Facebook fundraiser campaign from Tegan and Sara - image:

Nonprofits can now start fundraisers for their own causes while brand and public figures can now fundraise for nonprofit causes with Facebook Fundraisers.

Facebook announced a number of new features aimed at helping nonprofits raise more from their supporters through Facebook Fundraisers on 5 June. Through these, it is now letting brands and public figures fundraise for nonprofits through their Facebook pages, while nonprofits can now start fundraisers on their pages for their own causes. It says it has already seen momentum and success from pages running fundraisers and gives the example of artists Tegan and Sara who recently raised over $42,000 through a page fundraiser to help send 100 children to LGBTQ summer camp in the US and Canada through the Tegan and Sara Foundation LGBTQ Camp Scholarship and in collaboration with the Ally Coalition.

An additional new feature is the ability to add extra organisers to a fundraiser. In the same way that people can add a co-admin or moderator to a Facebook Group or a co-host to their Facebook Event, they can now add up to three friends to be organisers of their fundraiser to help them manage it and reach more supporters.

Facebook launched its personal fundraisers tool in the UK back in November last year, enabling individuals to raise money for a charity or personal cause. The fundraisers are public and Facebook also informs the user’s chosen charity that one has been created for them. It also introduced the birthday fundraiser, which sees it ask people if they would like to donate their birthday to charity by setting up a fundraiser and inviting friends to donate to their chosen cause instead of giving them a present. Last month, singer-songwriter and War Child ambassador Sam Smith raised over £23,000 for War Child through his birthday fundraiser.