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Facebook launches personal fundraising tool in the UK

Facebook launches personal fundraising tool in the UK

Facebook has launched its personal fundraiser tool in the UK. Previously launched in the US back in March, the tool enables individuals to raise money for a specific charity, or for personal causes.

Users can create a fundraiser in support of a specific charity, chosen from a dropdown list. To launch a campaign, users must be over 18, and must go to, find Create in the menu and then click on Fundraiser, or tap the menu icon on their mobile and and select Fundraisers. They can then select the Raise Money button, select a charity from the list available and decide how much they wish to raise and by what date. People can also search for fundraisers to support by category, such as animals, education, crisis relief, and personal emergency. The recipient charity receives the donations raised through Facebook.

Facebook Personal Fundraiser

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If someone creates a fundraiser for themselves or someone else, they must also choose a category for their fundraiser to be displayed under, and all donations are sent to their personal bank account through Stripe, Facebook’s fundraising payment processor.

Fundraisers are public so anyone on or off Facebook can see them, and Facebook will also tell the user’s chosen charity that a fundraiser has been created for them. Once someone has created a fundraiser, they can invite their friends to donate, post updates, and thank people for donating, all without leaving Facebook. When someone donates to a fundraiser, they can then share it and invite their friends.

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