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JICMAIL launches to provide mail media metrics

JICMAIL launches to provide mail media metrics

New Joint Industry Committee (JIC) for Mail has launched JICMAIL: media metrics for , based on on audience engagement with the channel.

JICMAIL aims to help users of direct mail and suppliers of the channel understand the power of mail by providing of the same standards as similar metrics for television, radio, outdoor and press. This aims to help to create a level playing field for all media channels and deliver a clear understanding of their respective values.

JICMAIL’s Board is chaired by Group CEO Chris Combermale and includes representatives from industry bodies and businesses including the , IPA, ISBA, Royal Mail and Whistl to represent both users of the channel and relevant suppliers.

How it works

JICMAIL data is collected using a panel weighted to NRS. Over each quarter JICMAIL tracks the mail activity of 1,000 households. Panellists record the mail they receive for a week and subsequent mail actions for three more weeks. Panellists are then removed from the panel and “rested” to avoid panel fatigue.

JICMAIL provides audience data for mail, measuring the readership, reach and frequency of exposure to each item that comes through the letterbox. This data is captured, in partnership with Kantar TNS, using a diary that follows each piece of mail for four weeks in a nationally representative sample of 1,000 households per quarter across the UK.

Two quarters of data collection have already taken place, with JICMAIL surveying 1,846 households.

Key insights from this include:

  • On average, 51% of all mail is read immediately – whether addressed or door drop – with a further 19% followed up on later
  • In addition, each piece that enters the home is revisited 3.8 times on average across either format
  • 21% of all addressed mail and door drop items go on to create commercial actions, for example prompting a purchase, visiting a website or going to a physical store

Following the initial launch of this first six months’ worth of data, a quarterly report will be issued highlighting the latest insight from the panel data, administered through Kantar TNS, which can be found at

Chris Combemale said:

“Traditionally, direct mail has been measured on ‘after-the-event’ impacts like ROI, but these new metrics will provide insight at the all-important planning stage, enabling it to go head-to-head with other media when budgets are being allocated. Clients are increasingly demanding accountability for every penny they invest and in 2018 planners will finally be able to compare directly between mail and other media channels. The fact that this is a cross-industry initiative highlights the importance of the JICMAIL research and continued influence of the channel.”

Mike Colling, Member of the JICMAIL Board, IPA member and Founder and CEO MC&C, said:

“What JICMAIL does, for the first time, is normalise mail to bring it in-line with every other major channel. It gives us exactly the same data across these channels, allowing marketers to compare apples to apples when it comes to their media planning. Moving mail from being a special case being dealt with in a silo and put it in the hands of the media planners and buyers.”

Melanie May is a journalist and copywriter specialising in writing both for and about the charity and marketing services sectors since 2001. She can be reached via

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