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Brewdog’s climate change beer to raise funds for 10:10

Howard Lake | 29 November 2017 | News

Independent craft brewer BrewDog has created Make Earth Great Again, its latest ‘protest beer’. It is designed to “remind leaders to prioritise Climate Change issues”, and all proceeds from its sales will be donated to 10:10, the charity lobbying for legislative changes to tackle climate change.
BrewDog is typically upfront with the beer’s message and marketing. The beer:

The campaign is accompanied by an infographic on the BrewDog blog and social media, which provides advice on how anyone can make lifestyle changes that will have a positive effect on tackling climate change.

BrewDog has sent a case of Make Earth Great Again bottles to The White House, in an attempt to capture the attention of the President.


Where to drink it

The limited edition beer is available at BrewDog’s bar in Shoreditch, London where you can buy a schooner of Make Earth Great Again poured from the polar bear’s mouth. Bottles of the beer are available to buy at and across the brewery’s craft beer bars around the world.
Three bottles of Brewdog's Make Earth Great Again
BrewDog co-founder, James Watt, explained why the company created the beer. He said: “Make Earth Great Again is a reaction to declining interest from notable world leaders to the biggest issues facing our planet and civilisation. Beer is a universal language, with the capacity to make an impact the world over, so we decided to make a statement and brew a beer that could have a direct, positive impact on climate change both through supporting an organisation making a difference, and providing a vehicle for craft beer fans to make their voices heard by the establishment.
“This beer is our statement of intent to hold a mirror up to all of the establishment figures that could and should do more on an issue that affects everyone on the planet. We hope everyone who can make a positive impact on climate change at a legislative level takes note of what the beer represents.”
Alice Bell, director of communications at 10:10 Climate Action added: “At 10:10, we often say that one of the more powerful things you can do to tackle climate change is talk about it. And what better way to start those conversations than a bottle of beer?”