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10 sessions at Fundraising Convention 2017 to look forward to

10 sessions at Fundraising Convention 2017 to look forward to

With over 160 sessions and activities lined up at the ’s Fundraising Convention next week, it is hard and even invidious to choose some. But here is our effort to do so. Why not share your list in the comments below?


1. Tony Elischer Foundation

Let’s start with a look back and look forwards. Fundraiser, consultant, thinker and supporter of upcoming fundraisers Tony Elischer will be remembered at Convention through the work of the Tony Elischer Foundation. Find out how this new foundation is planning to support talented fundraisers.


2. Read ahead

Convention speakers have share their thoughts on various fundraising topics. This might help you choose which sessions to attend.

Kirsty Marrins has some tips too:


3. FREDtalks

FREDtalks – geddit? The second in this series of interviews with fundraisers will be broadcast on Facebook Live on the final day of Convention. Of course this means that even if you are not at Convention you can watch it from your desk or mobile device.


4. I’d have gotten away with it if…


5. FiverGiver

One man’s simple Twitter idea yielded £12.5m according to CAF.


6. Plenaries


7. Fun and games


8. This House believes…

There are many styles of session at Convention, including many that are participative.


9. Memorable donor experiences


10. Relax

Fundraising can be stressful, and so can a day or three at Fundraising Convention. This year there is a solution.


Of course, UK Fundraising will be there throughout, reporting, interviewing and sharing what we can.


More reasons to be there?


I had hoped that the rising star session, such a success at last year’s Convention, would run again, but sadly not.

And without the traditional second night party, a hallmark of the event’s previous venue, there’ll be no choice to dress up as your favourite cowboy or rogue.


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