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New raffle splits jackpot between the winner & a charity

New raffle splits jackpot between the winner & a charity

An online raffle launched last month that splits the winnings 50:50 between the holder of the winning ticket and a charity.

WORLD-5050 is owned by GAC Group and describes itself as an incentivised online charity fundraising platform. It raises funds for charitable causes through a weekly international raffle, with different charities as beneficiaries. Charities are chosen by WORLD-5050 and individuals are encouraged to ‘Give a Chance, Get a Chance’ by entering the raffle, with half of their winnings automatically donated to that week’s chosen charity.

Individuals from anywhere in the world can buy tickets from the raffle site, with prices ranging from three tickets for $5, up to 70 tickets for $50.

In the year before its official launch, the raffle saw 50 individuals and 50 charities from across the globe benefit from the split in winnings. For its launch, WORLD-5050 partnered with the Wilderness Foundation. The jackpot for this week’s raffle reached $1,767.50, with half going to the charity.


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  • Richard McBriar

    Theres a complete lack of clarity around what this lottery actually does for the players or the charity or the company. There is no breakdown of the fee structure or prize structure in the lottery. This lottery would not conform the license conditions and codes of practice for players under the UK 2005 gambling act.

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