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#OneBigTweet auction to raise funds for African farmers

#OneBigTweet auction to raise funds for African farmers

Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation is once again running its #OneBigTweet campaign to raise money for farmers in Africa.

#OneBigTweet is a cashless charity campaign that harnesses the power of social influence by asking individuals to donate their following rather than giving cash.

The aim is to grow a donated following so big that Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation can auction it for African farmers. This #OneBigTweet, when sold will automatically be retweeted by everyone who has donated their followers, acting in a similar way to a Thunderclap.

Participants are asked to visit and click to donate their followers with a pledge to let Cafédirect Producers Foundation send one, one time only, automatic retweet from the eventual sponsor.

As of March 10th, more than 1,000 people had donated over 6 million followers to the #OneBigTweet, making it worth over $95k.

Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation is currently seeking a sponsor for #OneBigTweet and is asking businesses to bid for the tweet.


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