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the tree agency partners with Shoreditch Trust to offer teens creative workshops

the tree agency partners with Shoreditch Trust to offer teens creative workshops

Content marketing agency the tree has partnered with local East London charity Shoreditch Trust to help engage young people in the area through creative workshops.

The workshops support Shoreditch Trust’s Food for Life programme, which encourages young people to build a better relationship with food to help improve their physical and mental health. The workshops will be run once with each new set of students that have signed up for the charity’s Food for Life scheme.

The workshops are specifically designed for those who have had difficulties with mainstream learning and schools, and encourage participants to explore new ways to think about colours, shapes, and words.

The initial workshop (pictured) included a range of students, aged 14-16, with varying abilities, interests and levels of literacy, accompanied by two staff members and a representative of the Shoreditch Trust. The students were tasked with building a brand for food products that they were already growing or cooking as part of the Food for Life scheme. Presenters from the tree explored the psychology behind colour, shapes and words with the group to help them build their brand.

Katie Edmondson, Food for Life Project Manager for Shoreditch Trust, said

“This initiative was especially exciting to us because it gave creative direction to kids who need it. It is important for these young people to see the different jobs involved in bringing a product to life and the opportunities that they offer.

Edward Fraser, head of content and production at the tree said:

“As a business that benefits from being in the area, we felt it was important to look at how our skills and services could offer something to the community. I approached the Shoreditch Trust and the workshop idea was a natural fit for the Food for Life scheme. Showing the children how to take an idea and build a brand around it is a really creative and commercial process. We hope that it’s something they can talk about to potential employers in the future.”

Melanie May is a journalist and copywriter specialising in writing both for and about the charity and marketing services sectors since 2001. She can be reached via

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