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SEO training workshop for charities

SEO training workshop for charities

Want to learn how to boost your rankings on Google? This charity-focused, SEO training courses will deliver the knowledge you need to increase your inbound traffic from search engines.

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  1. Do you need to increase the number of visitors to your website?
  2. Do you need to attract more relevant traffic?
  3. Are you interested in learning how you can do this yourself without hiring an expensive external agency?

Our lead SEO expert will show you why a focus on best practice SEO techniques will ultimately lead to a healthier and more resilient fundraising funnel. This intensive workshop will take you through the tools and techniques you can apply to help you create a platform that raises awareness of your cause and attracts, converts and delights your donors, supporters and sponsors.

For the first time, Whitehat SEO will explain what you need to do to improve the rankings for your charity or not-for-profit website. The workshop is custom designed for each charity and will involve a detailed breakdown and analysis of the current site and recommendations for change.

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By the end of this comprehensive workshop, you’ll have a thorough understanding of SEO fundamentals including technical issues, web-page optimisation and link building. The workshop is designed for beginners, or those looking to brush up on their digital marketing skills.

What will I learn?

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:
  • Understand how search engines work including important Google algorithm changes
  • Undertake keyword research and analyse competitor websites
  • Understand the importance of building personas for your supporters and donors
  • Understand the fundamentals of onsite SEO and best practice for optimising page content
  • Understand how to develop a content and blogging strategy to drive new visitors
  • Recognise the importance of link building and off-site optimisation for SEO
  • Use key SEO tools including Google Search Console

Why should I attend this workshop?

This workshop has been designed for charity professionals looking to gain an understanding of SEO basics and Google best practice.  Perhaps you need to have SEO knowledge to increase awareness of your cause or improve your fundraising efforts.

Course overview

  • What is Search Engine Optimisation?
  • SEO strategy and best practices
  • What does a successfully optimised website page look like?

Who is Whitehat SEO?

Whitehat is an Inbound Marketing Agency based in London. We work with charities to help them with their marketing. They typically have an active fundraising team but with little or no internal marketing capability. We help them increase awareness for their cause, generate new visitors to their websites and social media pages to improve the number of donors and supporters. Many are not able to find the budget to support the cost of hiring an external agency but are interested in improving their team’s knowledge so that they are better able to implement industry best practice themselves.

SEO Workshop For Charities

Clwyd is founder and CEO at Whitehat, an Inbound Marketing Agency based in London.

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