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Five tweets for fundraisers for 22 September 2016

Here are five selected tweets for fundraisers. Ideas, opportunities, humour or simply useful.

1. Really?

John Thompson, or Johnny Five as he is now known for his #fivergiver viral campaign, spotted an ironic clash of burger brands in one partnership. Bravery, or triumphalism?


2. Wrong kind of takeaway

Thefts from charities or charitable initiatives sadly come in all forms.


3. Regulatory update

The Fundraising Regulator has published its business plan this week, and is updating fundraisers around the UK.


4. Spot the charity

An game initiative from the Directory of Social Change from earlier this year that shows just how essential charities are to our way of live.


5. Families that give together…

NfpSynergy remind us of the importance of families to charities – and not just wealthy philanthropic families with their own charitable trust of course.