Five tweets for fundraisers on 11 October 2021

Photo by Alex Shutin on Unsplash

Our latest collection of tweets for fundraisers highlight Gift Aid (which in recent years has acquired its own awareness day), new post-Brexit proposals for changes to personal data, teaching philanthropy to school-children, a more sustainable approach to fundraising, and the badges of confidence that donors should look for.

1. Why charities miss out on Gift Aid

On Gift Aid Awareness Day 2021 Swiftaid shared six reasons why charities fail to make the most of Gift Aid.

As well as lack of awareness amongst donors (after 30 years!), the other reasons were admin challenges, fear (mostly amongst smaller charities) of dealing with tax and HMRC, errors by donors on forms, donors are not given the opportunity by all charities, and the increase in contactless giving is not matched by opportunities to add Gift Aid as part of the process.


2. GDPR – a new direction

Daniel Fluskey, Head of Policy and External Affairs at the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, arms himself with cake and tweets his way through his initial reading of the DCMS’ ideas for how the UK should take a new approach to personal data and privacy.

3. Teaching philanthropy

Charity might begin at home but learn about charity and philanthropy can certainly continue at school. Marina Jones shares a profile of the Young Philanthropy Initiative where school students are tasked with giving away £3,000.

4. Sustainable fundraising

Leesa Harwood highlights two very different approaches to fundraising, and which is the one that is sustainable.

5. The badges of confidence

From the 60s onwards it was Colgate ads that promised you ‘the ring of confidence’. Charity donors are now offered the badge of confidence via their national regulator.

Ceri Edwards reminds us of two badges from regulators:

6. Giving on Times Square

And here’s a bonus tweet to tie in with UK Fundraising’s focus this month on fundraising and giving platforms.

This morning in New York’s Time Square JustGiving announced that to date it has enabled 10 million people to raise over £5 billion for good causes around the world.