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Legacy Link joins forces with Legacy Voice

Legacy Link joins forces with Legacy Voice

Legacy administration consultancy Legacy Link have joined forces with specialist legacy marketing consultancy Legacy Voice to form the Legacy Group.

The two companies now form “the largest dedicated legacy consultancy working in both legacy administration and marketing”, according to Ashley Rowthorn, who founded Legacy Voice in 2014.

Ashley Rowthorn

Ashley Rowthorn is now Director of both Legacy Link and Legacy Voice

He is now Director of both companies, having taking over from Crispin Ellison who ran Legacy Link until his recent retirement.

Rowthorn explains the partnership between the two companies. He said:

“We’re finding that charities need specialist support to increase their  capacity and to manage the probate process once those gifts are received. These are really distinct skills, but we know the value in having a joined up process, so just as many of the big charities have integrated legacy administration and marketing teams, we thought it made sense to team up in the same way.”

“We felt it was important to keep the two companies separate and allow them to focus on their individual areas of expertise, but to clearly link them together under a shared brand”.

Legacy Link was founded in 1998 by Linda Norgrove and run by Crispin Ellison, until his retirement in May this year. Ellison was formerly Director at the Institute of Legacy Management (ILM) and then a Legacy Consultant and Director at Legacy Link. He was recently awarded a lifetime achievement award and honorary President of the ILM at their annual conference.


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