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Sight Savers store Gift Aid declarations with scanning software

Howard Lake | 10 December 2003 | News

IT for Charities reports that Sight Savers International are using scanning company Scancapture to keep electronic records of Gift Aid declarations.

Scancapture’s product enables the charity to keep a digital image (saved in TIF format) of donors’ Gift Aid declarations and link them to their records on their supporter database. This helps reduce the amount of paper records that need storage, and makes accessing the data faster and cheaper.

The charity is also using the product to scan questionnaires and provide results in csv, Adobe Acrobat and PowerPoint formats, depending on the audience. The first Donor Survey project took just three days to scan and generate results. According to Scancapture, “the whole process took around one tenth of the time it would take for one manual operator to key the data in their Supporter database.”


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