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Bernie Sanders’ campaign attracts multiple small online donations

Bernie Sanders’ campaign attracts multiple small online donations

Every US Presidential election campaign throws up a new example of successful fundraising. This time it is Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the Democratic Party nomination that is achieving some impressive results, in particular in terms of lower-value donations.

Here are just a few of his digital fundraising achievements, as reported in Sanders’ online fundraising gives Clinton a run for her money:

  • $6 million in the 24 hours after his New Hampshire victory
  • $3 million after his narrow loss in Iowa
  • $2 million on on day (Sept. 30)
  • average donation is $27 – one hundredth of the legal maximum of $2,700, much lower than the average for Hilary Clinton’s campaign.
  • ActBlue handled 2,689 donations per minute at one point. Its previous record was 781.
  • in 2015 Sanders received 72% of his campaign donations from people who gave less than $200; Clinton received 16%.


More digital fundraising in US political campaigns:

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