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Hilary Clinton's online fundraising website "faster than Obama's"

Howard Lake | 14 April 2007 | News

Hillary Clinton’s website is the fastest place to donate online in the current US presidential campaign while Barack Obama’s is the slowest. These are the findings of a new benchmark study of the 2008 presidential candidates’ web sites by “a web experience management company” Gomez.

Both Democratic candidates might be leading in the overall fundraising activities in the campaign, but Gomez’ analysis suggests that Obama’s “poor web site performance could be his ‘Achilles heel’.”

Gomez will be monitoring and reporting on the presidential candidates’ websites, and the resulting impact experienced by voters. thoughout the 2008 presidential campaigns.


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“We believe the 2008 presidential campaign will be waged online more and more, and the candidate who consistently delivers the highest quality web experience will definitely have a competitive edge as the race for the White House heats up,” said David Flower, VP EMEA, at Gomez.

As well as testing a range of 2008 presidential candidates’ websites to record how long it took to step through the online donation process, Gomez also conducted a nationwide survey to ascertain voters’ usage of the candidates’ websites and their online giving intentions. The survey revealed that 57% of respondents already have made or may still make donations online. Of these, 66% intend to donate up to $1000.

Initial findings included:

Barack Obama’s online donation process was ten times slower than Hilary Clinton’s.
John Edwards’ online donation process was around five times slower than Clinton’s.
Current Republican fundraising leader Romney’s online donation process rated slowest among Republican candidate sites measured.
Home page load speeds ranged from under two seconds to over 12 seconds.
The fastest loading home page belonged to Mike Huckabee.
Romney’s and Edwards’ home pages were the slowest to load