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Santa is a committed giver

Santa is a committed giver

It might not have crossed your mind but Santa Claus, or Father , is a committed giver. He gives once a year, but my what a gift.

It might not be tax-efficient, and he does fly in the face of all the research that suggests that people mostly give when they are asked to. But he gives, year in, year out.

And also at the same time of year. Indeed, it can’t be a coincidence that he gives at the busiest time of charitable giving in the USA and UK and probably elsewhere – in December.

We should not forget that there are others involved in his philanthropy – Mrs Claus, and all his team of elves. Giving, as well as fundraising, can be an enjoyable and rewarding team game.

In recognition of this, here is a reminder that committed giving is something we have all benefited from. It is celebrated and experienced by millions around the world every year.

The words are from the ever creative Derek Humphries, and the design is by Lesley Pinder. Feel free to share the image with other donors and fundraisers.

Santa is a Committed Giver - words: Derek Humphries; image: Lesley Pinder


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