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Santa Claus has a LinkedIn account and he works with the NSPCC

Howard Lake | 15 October 2014 | Blogs

With such a global workload it is no surprise that Santa Claus is making the most of digital opportunities. For example, he has a LinkedIn account.

He is of course, “MD of Christmas”, but he also finds time to operate as “CEO of Letter from Santa at the NSPCC”. Indeed, he has held that role for 16 years and one month, according to his profile.

Santa Claus' account on LinkedIn, apparently
Santa Claus’ account on LinkedIn, apparently. He’s certainly charitable.

Funnily enough, his biography mentions the NSPCC’s fundraising campaign at length. There’s no sign of other charities that he might support, so it looks like the NSPCC digital team have been very good boys and girls this year, with a little help from the people at Amaze.com.


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The LinkedIn profile is an amusing combination of promotion for the Letter from Santa appeal, which in 2012 raised £1.82 million, and descriptions of Mr Claus.

He credits Mrs Claus for introducing him to digital technology. He says:

“Last year I installed a satnav on my sleigh, and now I’m trying LinkedIn. I usually advertise for elves in The Lapland Chronicle, but this year I’m embracing snow-cial media”.

Under languages he lists “all languages”.

Under causes Santa cares about he lists quite reasonably “children”.

He is of course listed as married, and his education took pace at North Pole University where he achieved a PhD in Christmas Cheer.

He is clearly multi-talented, as many of his LinkedIn contacts will attest:

Just in case you thought LinkedIn might offer a short-cut to sending Santa Claus a Christmas wish-list letter, he reminds us that the NSPCC is still the best approach:

How to contact Santa - not by LinkedIn but via NSPCC
Contact Santa via the NSPCC

Enjoy Santa Claus’ presence on LinkedIn while you can. Despite his charitable intent, he might fall foul of LinkedIn’s policy on creative use of accounts.

I’m indebted to one of UK Fundraising’s elves (bloggers) John Thompson who spotted Mr Claus’ presence on LinkedIn: