Celebrating the first #DonorLove day

Howard Lake | 12 February 2014 | Blogs

It’s not quite Valentine’s Day but it’s never too early to celebrate the gratitude and respect that donors deserve. So today is the very first international DonorLove day, which comes with its hashtag of #DonorLove.
The celebration is the idea of the inscrutable (I really don’t know who is behind the account) @FundraisingYoda, who dispenses fundraising wisdom on Twitter.
The diminutive green one shared the idea earlier this month, and is encouraging charities, donors, fundraisers and ‘sector friends’ around the world to “share unique and creative ideas and stories of showing #donorlove”.

Join donorlove day 2014

Join donorlove day 2014


Why 12 February?

Given he has a brain the size of a planet (yes, that’s a different sci-fi allusion), @FundraisingYoda chose this date, 2/12 (or 12/2 for a reason.
2nd month = two, the donor and the cause
12 = 12 months, a commitment to show appreciation for regular gifts

Join in

Stories are being shared via Twitter with the #donorlove hashtag, but also elsewhere.
@FundraisingYoda is also keen for donors to share their own experiences of how they felt connected and appreciated by charities and causes that they supported.
To help get the message out, here are a few graphical tools that we’ve contributed to the event. Feel free to share them and promote DonorLove.
DonorLove heart
And here is our favourite, in homage to the source of the idea. Turn the volume down now!


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