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First #GiveMe5 campaign raises £25,000 in a day

First #GiveMe5 campaign raises £25,000 in a day

Online giving platform Localgiving’s #GiveMe5 campaign yesterday raised £25,000 for 365 organisations around the country, in just 24 hours.

The matched giving campaign offered to match fund 1,000 £5 donations made to the small or local charities that are listed on Unlike other matched giving campaigns, such as that run by The Big Give, the #GiveMe5 campaign was not available on a first-come first-served basis. Instead, the donations that would be matched were selected at random.


The campaign focused on £5 donations. Other sums could be donated of course, but they would not be eligible for matching.

My donation to a choral society was not matched, I have just learned. But that hasn’t detracted from making the gift.

Indeed, #GiveMe5 will return to for one day next month on 25 February 2015, offering the same chance of doubling your £5 donation.

Localgiving has run other matched giving campaigns including Triple Tenner Tuesday to mark Giving Tuesday UK.

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