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iBid Events bring auction technology to small charities

iBid Events bring auction technology to small charities

Although specialists iBid have helped raise over £20 million in 12 months at 650 charity , the charities that benefit have mostly been medium to large organisations that can afford to pay for a live interactive charity auction.

Smaller charities, however, have not benefited, even though they run many fundraising events themselves.

That has now changed because iBid has developed a Single Page App (SPA) which makes the company’s technology available on a self-service basis. Smaller charities and even individuals can use the iBid Mobile to add an interactive auction to their fundraising events, at a considerably lower price than it would cost them to pay iBid to set up and run the event themselves.

Small charity auctions

iBid Lite screens

Screenshots of iBid Lite

Charities using iBid Lite give guests or event participants a website URL via text, email or on the night of the event. They can use this to view and bid on lot items, receive notifications if they are outbid, pay for items they win once the auction has closed, make a donation to the cahrity, promote the auction to wider audience through social media, and explore information about the event, charity and sponsors.

Charities can grant access to guest before the event to help get the bidding started before the event, to maximise the amount raised.

In fact, charities do not even have to run a physical event to use iBid : they can use it simply to run an online auction.

Back-end for charities

iBid Mobile is a “mobile version of the full iBid product”, according to the company. As such, it provides the charity with a back-end event management system (EMS), so that it can present the auction content in the style of its own brand, set up multiple events, update lot items, and receive live reports throughout the auction on the amount being raised.


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