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Amputees launch Limbination: show your stump with pride on social media

Howard Lake | 18 October 2014 | News

Amputees’ charity Limbcare has launched ‘Limbination: Pride Don’t Hide!’, an awareness and fundraising campaign that encourages amputees across the UK to share photos or videos of their stumps “with pride” across social media.

The campaign was inspired after Facebook recently removed the image of an amputee’s stump as they felt it was “offensive”.

Like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Limbination urges participants to nominate fellow amputees to post a video or picture of their residual limb.


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Limbcare‘s founder Ray Edwards MBE, a quadruple amputee, explained the idea behind the campaign.

He said:

“We feel this action by Facebook undermines how amputees are perceived by corporations and the public in general. Taking down this image is tantamount to sweeping us under the carpet, and we won’t be hidden away. With Limbination we are showing our residual limbs and nominating fellow amputees to do the same in order to bring awareness and acceptance and to raise much needed funds to support those who’ve lost limbs, and their families.”

Ray has created his own video:

Limbination encourages participants to ask for a donation of £3 by texting LIMB01 £3 to 70070. It hopes the campaign will be taken up by many of the 110,000 registered amputees in the UK.