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Barnardo’s launches its first SMS text-back campaign

Howard Lake | 10 October 2004 | News

Revolution magazine reports that children’s charity Barnardo’s has launched its first premium rate SMS campaign to raise funds.
The campaign was launched on 3 October 2004 at the Cardiff Marathon. Members of the public were asked to text their answers to a set question to a premium SMS short code, with the donation to Barnardo’s coming from the £1.50 cost of the text.
Barnardo’s is working with mobile marketing agency MindMatics on the campaign, which is expected to receive support and in-store promotion from clothing retailer Timberland.
Laurence Helgesen from Barnardo’s commented:

“Charities have to be innovative and sophisticated in gaining public support. Our use of premium SMS is ideal – it is quick and requires little effort from the donator – we think it will really appeal to the public through its ease of use”.



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