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New CSR directory for Ireland

A new corporate social responsibility directory for Ireland has been published.
The CSR Directory for 2014 describes itself as an information basis for companies and organisations who wish to develop or improve their CSR.
The directory contains a charity listing and a directory of companies with addresses and named CSR contacts within the companies. The company directory includes some of the largest companies in the Republic of Ireland and some leading companies in Northern Ireland.
The directory also features specially commissioned contributions by leading individuals and organisations on topics such as charity taxation, philanthropy promotion, lessons from the recent salary controversy and investing in fundraising.
A calendar of charitable events for 2014 is also in the directory, with recent examples of successful fundraising activities. These include €80,000 raised by Savills Ireland for children’s charities, €50,000 raised by Lidl for Barretstown and €70,000 raised for breast cancer at a gala ball.
Copies of the directory, which is sponsored by IPB Insurance,  are available from Ashville Media Group.