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Guess2Give develops new income streams from online sweepstakes

Howard Lake | 5 March 2014 | News

Digital fundraising service Guess2Give has announced a series of new income streams for charity from its online sweepstakes service. Group sweepstakes and Star Prizes add to the standard sweepstakes fundraising offered since Guess2Give was launched in 2011.
Speaking at a breakfast briefing on fudnraising innovation in London, founder Mark Chandler began by explaining what Guess2Give has achieved so far.

He then went on to explain how the service was expanding and developing new types of sweepstakes. New developments include:
* a new site, built mobile first
* a wider variety of payment methods on offer, and retaining card details
* simpler registration
* new games
* easier guessing with incentives to return and guess again, with the introduction of points as an incentive mechanism
* integration with Strava, the mobile running/cycling app
* Group sweepstakes covering e.g. Formula One, The Grand National, Eurovision, Wimbledon etc.
* Star Prizes – offering tickets for major events

Chandler also introduced new members of the team, include Executive Chairman Alan Neilson and Business and Relationships Manager Sabrina Neilson.
The new Guess2Give site will go live this month.