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Guess2Give adds sweepstake to online events fundraising

Howard Lake | 9 June 2011 | News

Guess2Give adds a new twist to online events fundraising by offering a sweepstake function to individuals’ sponsored events, giving people an opportunity to chip in, make a donation and stand a chance of winning a cash prize.
Mark Chandler, co-founder of Guess2Give, said: “Anything that can be measured can become a fundraising event using Guess2Give. Whether it’s about guessing the length of a best-man’s speech, the weight of all the fish on a fishing weekend, how far a paper plane will fly or even the number of worms found in a square metre of earth. The possibilities are endless and we’re looking forward to seeing how inventive everyone can be”.
It costs £3 to make a guess and participants are kept in touch via social networks and email. A fixed 50p from each guess goes into a prize fund and up to £2.51 (including Gift Aid) goes to the charity.
“We see an opportunity to help charities engage with more people and provide an opportunity to make more activities have a fundraising capability” added Chandler.
Parkinsons UK is the first charity to sign up and get their supporters involved. Fundraising Director, Paul Jackson-Clark said: “For me it was a simple decision to make when I was introduced to Guess2Give, as it will provide a new income stream without any cost or risk to the charity. It also brings a new, fun element for supporters to be more involved with an event”.
Guess2Give, which is is licensed and regulated by The Gambling Commission, is currently one of three finalists for the London region who stand to win £50,000 of investment from Barclays.