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The Million Pound Donors Report

Over the last few years I have occasionally sent details of charitable donations of over £1,000,000 to Beth Breeze at Centre for Philanthropy at the University of Kent.

I get my information from charity accounts, usually from the Charity Commission. Whilst other large donations tend to be well publicised, donations to grant-making trusts often slip “under the radar”.  The Centre for Philanthropy at The University of Kent produces the marvellous “Million Pound Donors Report” (in association with Coutts).

Liz Lipscomb, Honorary Research Fellow of the University of Kent, will be undertaking research for the next edition of the report. Liz would like to hear from anyone who knows of a charity that has had a £1m+ donation recently, and is also interested in hearing from charities who think their £1m+ donor might be interested in being a case study in the 2013 report. If you spot donations which were received within the tax year 2011/12 or 2012/13, please let Liz know. With regard to donors for the case study, the donation would not need to have been made in a particular time period, but it would need to have been fairly recent.


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Anyone who helps out with this research could be in line for a hard copy of the report. I note that Beth Breeze spoke at the IoF Major Donor Fundraising Conference, on 28th January 2013. I heard her at a (fairly recent) Researchers in Fundraising conference, discussing her research. If we can help to make future reports even better, then we can all benefit.

Finbar Cullen, ResearchPlus