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Invisible Grantmakers

I hear that Robert Pike at Social Partnership Marketing is publishing a Compendium Edition of Invisible Grantmakers this week. My copy is in the post, and I am quite looking forward to having a look though it to see what trusts are in this bumper edition (sad, but true). It will contain 192 trusts not featured in DSC resources. They donate a total of c £35 million in grants, so they are well worth considering.
I have been a fan of Invisible Grantmakers since I went freelance in 2005. it includes grant-making trusts with a wide range of charitable interests, so always comes in handy for trust research that I undertake. With a limited edition of 400, it is probably appreciated by a number of fundraisers as well.
There is something very satisfying about identifying trusts for oneself, but it is also handy having a resource like this on the shelf.

Finbar Cullen


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