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Researching Scottish Trusts

If you are having trouble researching grant-making trusts and other charities registered in Scotland, you might want to take a look at OSCR Reporter October 2011. This is the latest monthly newsletter from OSCR (The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator). Check out the article “Entitlement to information about charities”. It gives a little more information on what to do if you are having problems obtaining information from the Charity.
While this is helpful, it would also help if OSCR was to provide the name of the correspondent, or at least the name of the business, where the trust address is a firm of lawyers/accountants, etc. Occasionally there is more than one business at the address. Even where you are sure of the name of the business, it can be tricky getting hold of the contact person. If OSCR would include the names of the trustees, and copies of accounts, that would be better still. If you agree, then be sure to tell them. Attend their annual meetings and tell them. Ask them if they are planning on working with Guidestar UK, Open Charities, or any other organisation making charity information available in different formats. Keep on telling them how you would like to see them continue to improve this resource.
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Finbar Cullen


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