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Scottish Charity Register website

I see that the Scottish Charity Register (OSCR) website now sometimes includes the name of a charity correspondent. The OSCR website is a useful resource, and it is great to see it including a little bit more information. I have made a number of suggestions about possible improvements to the website over the years. I don’t know if my suggestions have had any impact in this improvement, but I reckon it is always worth letting OSCR know about ways in which the website could be improved further. What would you like to see included?
I think it would be useful to know the names of the settler(s) and the trustees. It would be useful to be able to receive a copy of the accounts and governing documents, even if this means establishing a facility similar to Companies House Direct, whereby we would pay say £1 for documents.
If you want to see any improvements to the website, do let them know. If you are based in Scotland, check up on when they hold consultative meetings, turn up and let them know.
All the best

Finbar Cullen


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