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Improvements to the Scottish Charity Register

Howard Lake | 4 April 2011 | Blogs

While I sometimes worry that times being hard, we might find improvements in charity registers harder to come by, the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) has just announced planned improvements to its register. There is still no sign of basic information like the name of the correspondent, the name of the business (where a charity must be contacted via a business firm), and there is certainly no suggestion that they will list the names of trustees, nor make accounts or any other documents available, we might get to see graphically displayed financial highlights for registered charities. Hmm … anyway, here goes:
Glasgow-based business technology company Amor Group is to work with OSCR during the remainder of the year to deliver the technical work required to implement “Integrated Reporting”. OSCR reports that Integrated Reporting will provide more detailed financial information about charities to the public. The enhanced Scottish Charity Register should show more information, including graphically displayed financial highlights for all charities.
Regular updates will be announced at www.oscr.org.uk and through OSCR’s e-newsletter, OSCR Reporter.
For further information, contact Mark Simpson or Morag Stewart on 01382 220446 or email: co************@os**.uk
If there are any other improvements that you would like them to make to the register, do let them know.

Finbar Cullen


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