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Google expands its nonprofit programme

Howard Lake | 22 March 2011 | News

Google for nonprofits
Google for nonprofits

Google has expanded its nonprofit programme, by which it helps charities and nonprofits in several countries to make the most of some of its products and tools. It has also simplified the registration process to cover all of the opportunities with a single registration.
The programme offers:
* up to $10,000 a month in advertising on Google AdWords to reach more donors or supporters
* free or discounted Google Apps “to cut IT costs and operate more efficiently”
* premium features for YouTube and Google Mapping to raise awareness of causes.
The single registration means that organisation will no longer have to apply separately for Google Grants, the YouTube Nonprofits programme, and other elements.
Elements of the programme, such as the AdWords and YouTube programmes, have been available to UK charities for several years. But the revamped Google Nonprofits programme is not yet available to UK charities.
Google will also be offering more educational videos and case studies to help organisations make the most of its tools. It has also created a Nonprofits Marketplace which lists agencies and partners that offer training or consulting in these tools for free or at discounted rates for charities. These firms are already certified partners from existing Google marketplaces—like AdWords Authorised Resellers, Analytics Certified Partners, Google Apps Marketplace and the Google Earth Outreach Developer Marketplace.
The Google for Nonprofits blog cites examples of nonprofits that have achieved impressive results using its tools.
These include Direct Relief International which raised more than $1,000,000 with AdWords, the Natural Resource Defense Council which attracted over 100,000 views on their YouTube videos at the time of the BP oil spill last year, and Samasource’s success in saving tens of thousands of dollars using Google Apps.



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