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Apple phones do not support donations – sign the petition

iPhone 4 on its side - photo: Pixabay.com
Apple’s phones don’t accept donations

Beth Kanter has recently flagged up something really basic: problems with sending donations via Apple iPhone device! In reaction to this really basic restriction she set up an on-line petition to Steve Jobs to express the need for a change!
Let's Send Steve Jobs A Message About iphone app Donations
Many of us are iPhone users, and Howard Lake has already posted about iPhone apps for fundraising on this site, but we have not realised that some of them are pretty useless if we cannot make the actual money transfer! I am here to strongly encourage you to navigate over to the petition site and cast your vote (you can also do it anonymously) so we can all contribute to this change and ultimately open yet another channel for donations!
Thank you for your support in advance!



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