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Small charities invited to fundraise for themselves from car raffle

Howard Lake | 19 May 2009 | News

The Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI) is running a car raffle that is open to any small UK charity to take part in and use to fundraise. The raffle has been designed to give small
charities the chance to sell £2 paper or online tickets, to raise funds for themselves.

Charities that sell tickets will keep 95.2% of the value of those tickets. There is no sign-up fee or need for the charity to pay for the tickets. The 4.8% is used to pay the costs and fees of the draw.

The car on offer is a Fiat 500 Pop 1.2, provided by Zurich Insurance.


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To qualify as “a small charity” for the purposes of this campaign, an organisation must be “a 100% not-for-profit organisation with an annual raised voluntary income of less than £1.5 million”.

The FSI was set up by Emma Harrison, who featured in Channel 4’s ‘Secret Millionaire’ series, to build and share knowledge within the Third Sector.

She explained: “People struggled to understand why we would set up a charity to give free help to other charities. The answer is simple. It’s all about the multiplier effect.

“The FSI helps to build strong small charities, they learn how to fundraise and run their organisations better and communities benefit from better resourced charities. Strong communities are built with strong support mechanisms. It is entrepreneurial and high

“The small charity car draw is just one of our tools for getting funds to small charities without it costing them anything other than the time to sell a ticket”.

The charity has been supported by Everyclick in promoting the initiative.

Tickets will be available in early June. There are 250,000 tickets available online and a charity can sell as many of these as it can, but on a first-come first-served basis. There are 250,000 paper tickets available and a charity can sell as many of these as it can. However, the FSI will only send out tickets in maximum batches of 500.

To take part small charities can register now at:

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