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Support for event down 20%

Howard Lake | 5 May 2009 | News

Support for the annual Alzheimer Society’s charity drive in Ireland has fallen by 20 per cent this year putting services at risk, its chief executive has told the Irish Times.

The charity provides services and support for people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, a form of dementia, through day care, home care, short-term respite and a national helpline.

Some €4 million must be raised to support the charity annually so that it can deliver its services but support so far for the charity’s 15th annual Tea Day has seen a dramatic decline.


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Chief Executive Maurice O’Connell said support for Tea Day had always been strong, but this year they’ve seen a 20 per cent fall-off.

The gap between funding from the Health Service Executive and the cost of running the services is widening, he said.