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Giving to religious causes growing in Northern Ireland

A new report on philanthropy in Northern Ireland was released as part of ‘Philanthropy Week’ shows that there is continued growth in giving to religious causes.
‘The Philanthropy Market in Northern Ireland’ report was commissioned by a consortium of organisations in Northern Ireland and carried out by consultancy firm RSM McClure Watters. The report included a survey of philanthropy worldwide and an examination of philanthropic issues locally.
The survey identified key motivations for giving, with personal connections between the donor and cause given as the biggest motivation. Other triggers promoting the interest in philanthropy included the sale of a business or an inheritance.
As well as religion, local community health and education also benefit from philanthropy in Northern Ireland.
Disincentives for giving included perceived high administration costs, lack of control by the donor and a lack of stewardship by charities. A major barrier to increased giving was seen as a lack of a culture of philanthropy.
Philanthropic role models were seen as important, the report stated, but there was a recognition that many donors did not wish to publicise their giving. Suggestions for improving philanthropy in Northern Ireland include:
* Enhanced Promotion
* Increased Co-ordination
* Enhanced Networking Opportunities
* Improved access to information
* Improved Mechanisms
The report called for the development of a strategy to enhance philanthropy with a defined vision and mission along the lines of philanthropy organisations in Britain and Ireland.