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2009 Charity Conference in Edinburgh & the OSCR website

I see that the OSCR (Scotland’s charity regulator) is to participate in a “major event” examining the future of the sector.
Creating a Sustainable Third Sector is being organised by Holyrood Events and will take place at the Roxburghe Hotel in Edinburgh, on Edinburgh 17th March 2009. One of the speakers scheduled to take part is Debra Allcock Tyler, Chief Executive, Directory of Social Change.
I hope that the discussion will touch on the need for information on charities, particularly grant-making trusts to be made more easily available to fundraisers. At the moment, you have to contact the Trust for a copy of the accounts, and the governing documents. It would be so much easier if this information was to be made available online, as with the Charity Commission and/or Guidestar UK.
I am not likely to be able to attend the event, but if you manage to get there, perhaps you might want to give them a nudge.
The OSCR register is a useful resource, but it is not nearly as useful as it could be. In the interests of greater transparency, and better fundraising (research), major improvements to the OSCR website would be much appreciated.
Do post a comment if you manage to get to the event.

Finbar Cullen


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