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£50,000 in Darwinian matched giving on The Big Give on Monday

Howard Lake | 20 February 2009 | News

Charles Darwin statue, Shrewsbury - photo: Howard Lake
Charles Darwin statue, Shrewsbury – photo: Howard Lake

Alec Reed CBE is paying tribute to Charles Darwin on 23 February by offering to match up to £50,000 for donations made to five wildlife charities.

How much each charity receives in matched giving will depend on how much others donate to them via The Big Give website. The charities with the keenest supporters and fundraisers should receive the majority of the money.
Reed’s chosen charities are Project African Wilderness (PAW), Orangutan Foundation, People’s Trust for Endangered species, Wilderness Foundation UK and The Gorilla Organization. All money donated will be targeted at specific projects by the charities.

Alec Reed CBE said: “I’m delighted to celebrate Darwin’s 200th birthday this way, just as favourable traits became more common in natural selection, more popular charities will receive more money from my matched funding scheme.”


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The Big Give

The charities are now engaging their supporters to make their donations on Monday morning to take advantage of the first-come-first-served matched giving.

The scheme will open at 10.00 on 23 February 2009 and will finish when the £50,000 has been donated.
Each charity is limited to a total of £20,000, and donors are only eligible to have a total of £1,000 matched.