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How to use sex to improve your fundraising

Lipstick kiss on a wall. Unsplash

Recent research from the University of Kent has suggested that some of the techniques we might associate with the more cheesy end of consumer advertising might actually help to support fundraising campaigns.

Academics conducted a study into “Darwinian psychology and its relevance to charitable giving, philanthropy and volunteering”. The results suggested that we are all more likely to give if in the company of someone we are trying to impress.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, men were the most likely to give in this scenario. I suspect that this is a fact many charities have known for years given the number of badged, charity ‘rose sellers’ stalking restaurants for couples on a Friday and Saturday night.


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The study concludes that using images of women associating themselves with a campaign or cause seems to affect both men and women positively. Also, women tend to be impressed by altruistic men and swayed by images of children (if only I’d known that 15 years ago).

So aside from recycling Gillette or L’oreal adverts, how can charities use this information to their marketing advantage? Here are a few suggestions as a starter for ten; please feel free to add or share your views:

I’d be interested in your findings.